This is a page for our friends & customers to share their Lupine Heart experiences and reviews. Let us know what you thought of your order or of our community as a whole – we love hearing your voices! Here you’ll find a snapshot of customer comments and feedback that we’ve recently received (comments from Instagram are tagged with the user’s account name). *Customer photo collage coming soon!*

“I ❤ ❤ ❤ my Know no bounds shirt. And of course all the cute charms :)” – @vanilla_candy

“I loved my Tolkien treasures gift box, everything was so well-made and you can see the amount of time and effort put into every piece. Also because I can’t choose just one favourite, my 2nd favourite is all the middle earth inspired jewellery especially the Gandalf hat it’s just too cute.”   @chrissy4508

“My favourite is the Harry Potter gift box I ordered in August 😀 and the moon earrings.”  @lilja_june

“Ugh I can’t decide between my Wanderer tee or the Middle Earth Child Hoodie. Can I just say all the Lupine Heart Clothing things?”  @whatwasdead

“I love my Middle Earthchild tote bag! I didn’t know I needed a bag in my life until I got it with my t-shirt. It’s so useful and it has helped me on many occasions. It’s also super cute and unique.”   @handful0fheartbeats

“Hey I totally did a shout out to you all when I got all my wonderful things. My wanderer tank top and Autumn moon necklace are my favourite things. Hopefully I’ll get to order more soon. Thank you for the follow and for the wonderful products you guys make!” @lunatkgingerr

“I love your shop! And you are very kind to all of us here! One reason that I love the stuff you have is that you are so kind and answer friendly to everyone who asks a question. ” @hedvightheirishdancer

“My ancient wolf necklace is my new favourite, it’s beautiful! Thank you!” @jozlynn_lee

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