What We Stand For

Here at Lupine Heart Clothing we are always looking for ways to improve and enhance our services, impact and outlook.

When this Community was first born we made it clear that we stood for the support of Independent Artists, Ethical and Environmentally Friendly Practices. These core values still remain with us today and always will.

This page will provide a more in depth look at each of these 3 core values and how Lupine Heart Clothing honours each of them.

1. Supporting Independent Artists

All of the work we produce, the designs we create and the products we sell are created by ourselves, independent artists. We know what it’s like to start a small business, connect with people and make a difference at the same time. This is why we have an ‘Open Arms’ policy to all fellow independent brands who share the same ethos as us. We freely promote fellow independent brands, artists and projects on our Social Media pages, such as Instagram and on a personal level we tend to only purchase from independent brands too. Our favourite projects will also have individual features on our Blog page so that you can find more independent artists like ourselves. We don’t believe in our community or brand to be in competition with anyone else – that simply isn’t the spirit here at Lupine Heart and for this reason we love sharing our knowledge and using our Social Media to help promote other projects. We also work with independent models who wish to become more established.

Bernado Shoot

2. Ethical Values

We believe that everyone should be aware and more conscious of where and how their clothing is made. Here at Lupine Heart we are proud supporters of Fairtrade and Ethical clothing and materials. We don’t import or print on any garments that are produced in Sweatshops or by people who are paid a low and unsustainable wage. Instead we work with suppliers who have a Fairtrade and Ethical guarantee, where workers are respected and paid sustainably. Equality and safety shouldn’t be compromised when it comes to clothing and we will never opt for cheaper garments if it means lowering these high standards.

We have also donated large portions of our profits to charitable causes and projects. This is something we like to keep varied and so we support a different cause every month or so. In the past we have raised over £100 for the UKWCT (UK Wolf Conservation Trust) and even featured 2 of their Ambassador wolves on our ‘Hope Won’t Fade’ and Wolf Logo T-Shirts to honour this alliance. We have also donated and supported The Teenage Cancer Trust, The JED Foundation, Suicide Awareness, Manchester Women’s Aid, The Wellspring Homeless Shelter, The Nepal Earthquake fund and many others. We use small, independent printers to produce our garments as well as independent models to represent them – we support small business, individual talent and aspiring creators.


3. Environmental Consciousness

Being an Earth Friendly brand is core to who we are and we don’t believe that the planet should be negatively impacted in order for us to exist. Instead we believe in keeping the Earth balanced, cared for and sustainably used. For these reasons we have a wide range of Environmentally Conscious practices which cover all areas of our operations:

*All of our garments are printed with non-toxic and water based inks (minimising water pollution)

*We use biodegradable and recycled packaging which is minimal but strong and waterproof

*We offer collection for local customers who wish to keep their C02 footprint low

*We minimize our paper use and wastage by sending e-confirmations

*Our clothing garments are all sourced from sustainable cotton growers who manage the environment in a way that is beneficial to the planet

*We promote Environmental Activism and projects which share this ethos

*Our designs are mainly edited and processed online to limit paper use and waste

*Our tote bags are sourced from ethical and Earth Friendly suppliers

*All of our products are Vegan and Cruelty Free because we don’t believe any being should have to suffer for the comfort of others

2 thoughts on “What We Stand For

  1. Thank you for following me on twitter. Your organization sounds amazing. Thank you for being a source of light, compassion, and encouraging creativity.

    I am an independent singer/songwriter based in Bend, Oregon. I work during the day at non-profit preschool, doing music with 3 month – 5 year olds. The kids there have amazing energy. I recently embarked on a project with them, honoring musical legends who have passed such as David Bowie and Bob Marley.

    I also released a CD, Beautiful Things, which features several songs inspired by victims of violence. I believe that we can respond to violence with music and art and foster a culture of love, creativity, and compassion. These songs are also deeply inspired by nature. Being surrounded by incredible natural beauty here in Oregon has really opened up my connection to the divine and the result was writing 10 songs in just over 2 months. You can hear some of these songs at http://victorsings.com or http://reverbnation.com/victorsings. I will also leave a few links to articles that talk more about the mission I am on, to share music that promotes healing, grace, and love. I believe that our connection to the divine lies in nature, young children, music, and art.

    I would love to learn more about the possibility of being featured on your blog.




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