Artist Feature with Sarah Pandolfi

This week’s feature is with the artist behind ‘The June Moon’ – Meet Sarah!

My name is Sarah Pandolfi, I am 19 years old and I was born and raised in Florida.  I would consider myself a creator. I have an enormous place in my heart for any and all things creative. I’ve always enjoyed painting, drawing, tie dying, etc… if it involves art, it’s right up my alley. my freshman year in college was when I really got into being an artist. I took up painting as a hobby to pass time (I didn’t even have paint on hand at the start, so I used some old coloured hair dyes!) I ended up with so many that I didn’t know what to do with them!! so, one day I decided to go sit in the grass outside of my college dorm and sell everything I’d made. the first thing I sold was that hair dye painting (for $7!) and after about an hour I’d been wiped clean. that’s when I realized that I could make a profit off of doing what I love. I eventually got the courage to open my Etsy and it’s been an indescribable experience so far.

That’s a beautiful story and its brilliant that you followed your passions! So what exactly inspired ‘The June Moon’ project and how did that come about?

This was one of those late night projects that you do when your creative juices are flowing and you just can’t wait until morning to get your ideas out. And what inspired me…okay so i just, i have this thing. where, sometimes, i’ll close my eyes and brilliant masterpieces will flash before my eyes. i can’t explain it. i honestly just let my hands do as they please and they eventually capture my imagination on paper.

The creative process is such diverse journey and I’m sure many other artists will resonate with how difficult it can sometimes be to describe that, but wow – what a vivid picture you just painted for us! So how are you finding the creative community so far?

I can’t even describe how incredible the creative community is. I had a rough time at the beginning (Instagram kept deleting my accounts with no explanation) and the support I was getting from people I’d literally known for a day that were fighting for me and promoting me blew me away. My shop has opened me up to an entire new realm of people just like me; creative souls who just radiate beauty. And I think it’s so incredible that all of these people with various businesses all want each other to succeed. Even people who specialize in similar things, such as art, will support each other rather than treating them as competition. I think that is so powerful. This has honestly changed my life in the best way possible.

I completely agree with you, the artist community is exactly that – It’s a family of creative minds and having other people to support and help you on your own journey makes that adventure even more special. So in terms of the future, what are your goals?

My goals are to do art for the rest of my life. I have dreams of opening an awesome little shop in a creative town where i can share my art and maybe others can share theirs too. My love and i have this funny thing where we say we’re going to renovate an old VW bus to travel the world and sell my art out of, so that would be pretty rad too! Wherever i end up is fine with me as long as I’m doing what I love.

A beautiful goal to have! And with the changes and movements in terms of the way people are choosing to live their lives, that sounds like the way to go! Are there any other projects that you’d like others to know about or people who you’d like to collaborate with on future artistic ventures?

As an artist, it’s hard to pick one thing to be good at. I have an extensive list of things that I want to try such as intricate macrame, spray painting, unique tie dying, wood burning… the list goes on and on. And as for people I’d like to collaborate with.. oh boy. There are so many amazing people I’ve met that I don’t even know how to choose. Well, some of the most inspiring people to me would have to be @morganscanvas, her passion and success is what pushed me to start doing this. @sacraluna helped me learn a lot about how to run an online business by posting tips and about her story to becoming the crystal queen. @charmaineolivia is everything that i love and her life inspired me as well. And Lupine Heart Clothing, of course. They have been just… i can’t even put into words how amazingly supportive they’ve been. So so so much love to you guys.

Aaah, thanks so much Sarah! This feature was super fun to put together and we wish you the very best on your creative journey. Be sure to check out Sarah’s work by visiting the following links:

Etsy Store,’The June Moon’:

Instagram: @thejunemoon_ 

Words from Imaania (Founder, Lupine Heart) and Sarah Pandolfi (Artist, The June Moon).

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