Modelling Feature with Verca Foster

This blog is going to be a place where we’d like to start featuring independent artists, our models and designers to further their exposure and create an open community. We don’t believe in competing, we believe that small business and independent artists should work together and welcome each other into the community in any way we can.
This week we interviewed Verca Foster, a member of our modelling team – here’s what she had to say:
For those reading this feature, could you give us a short introduction into who you are and where you’re from?
“I’m Verca and I’m from a small town in Connecticut which almost no one knows about. As a member of the modelling team, I model the clothes that are up on the website and I also share the same values as the company. I’m vegan, cruelty free, and I love nature – this company is a great fit for me!
Awesome, so what was it that initially drew you towards the world of modelling?
 I only started modelling recently but as I grew up, my friends always suggested that I should try out modelling. I always thought that modelling revolved around runway style events and the usual stereotypes within the industry, but it when I found out about alternative modelling I knew it was for me. I had known about Morgan Joyce and Alysha Nett etc. for a while and I’ve always wanted to aspire to their level of work. I never thought I could do it because I never knew how to start, but Lupine Heart has been a great springboard for me.
Finding your feet in a new community can often be difficult, but how are you finding the experience so far?
I’m loving the community and the whole experience! it’s a great community to be in and everybody has been really positive so far. I think that’s really good for me because I struggle with not being positive, and being around people that are and have the same morals as me has been really beneficial.
Having a supportive community always makes a world of difference – that’s the same experience that we’ve had with our customers (who are more like friends and family in our eyes). So do you have any goals for the future in terms of your modelling?
My ultimate goals in the future are to become a successful model. Someday in the future, once I’m of age, I’d love to be involved in the Suicide Girl community. I love the way Alysha and Morgan model. I’ll have to wait a while before doing anything like that, but I absolutely love this company and I think it’s a really good place to start off with. I would also really like to maybe start my own company sometime in the future.
Those are great aspirations to have and we’d always be more than happy to give you any advice on starting your own company. Are there any new projects that you’re currently working on or companies that you’d like to collaborate with in the future?
As of right now I don’t really have any projects going on, but I’m continuing to try and put my name out there. I’m open to talk with companies about me modelling for them and I do my best to find companies but I can’t find them all. Check me out on!
Thanks for your time Verca!
Check back here next week for a new feature with the upcoming independent business ‘The June Moon’ and its founder, Sarah Pandolfi.

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